Citrine quartz oval cut 4.30 carats loose gemstone - Buy loose or make into your custom order


Citrine oval cut 12.30x10.40x7.15mm 4.30 carats - Buy loose or make your own custom jewelry
Make your custom order with this beautiful gemstone!

Various Quartzes have been used for thousands of years and firstly by Assyrians and Romans. Egyptians believed this stone could prevent aging and Romans used it in seals signifying ownership. In the middle ages medical practitioners used it in potions and cures.

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This is a citrine fancy faceted cut gemstone, measuring approximately 12.30x10.40x7.15mm 4.30 carats . Make your custom order with it in form of a ring, necklace, pendant, bracelet, brooch or what ever you desire. Or add I to your mineral collection.

Send me your idea and I can get you a quote. I use silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, black gold and platinum to create your custom jewelry.

Don't have an idea for a design? Just ask me to make you one free of charge!

I provide a layaway payment plan just ask me.

Stone specifications:
• Quartz - Citrine
• Oval cut.
• Colour is golden orange yellow.
• Measures approximately 12.30x10.40x7.15mm 4.30 carats .
• Clarity: Eye clean

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