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Australian black opal Diamond Lite 14k and 22k yellow gold two stone ring, Size 7.5 - Ship or Resize


Australian solid black opal, Diamond Lite, 14k gold and 22k gold two stone ring. Sixe 7.5.

Ready to ship or resize.

The beautiful mostly blue and green play of color Australian solid black opal is the opposite pair with a diamond simulant stone. Both are set in 14k yellow gold. The 14k gold is electroplated with 22k gold to give the ring a real gold yellow appearance.

I provide a layaway payment plan just ask me.

Ring specifications:
• The opal measures approximately 6.55x4.5mm, 0.43 carats.
• Diamond lite measuring approximately 4.85mm in diameter . This is a diamond simulant made of base Cubic Zircon having a fine layer of diamond dust as the exterior layer of the CZ. The CZ is coated with the diamond dust using nanotechnology.
• 14k yellow gold base.
• 22k yellow gold electroplating.

I provide a layaway payment plan just ask me.

Stone specifications:
• Opal - Australian black opal, 0.43 carats.
• Free form
• Colour is blue, green and red playoff colour. Black potch on the back of the opal.
• Measures approximately 6.55x4.5mm.
• Origin: Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia

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