Mint quartz cushion cut and white sapphire silver cufflinks - READY TO SHIP


Mint quartz cushion cut and white sapphire silver cufflinks

These mint quartz cufflinks are cut in the square cushion chequerboard cut, surrounded by melee white colourless sapphires. The quartz and sapphires are solid 925 silver set.

Various Quartzes have been used for thousands of years and firstly by Assyrians and Romans. Egyptians believed this stone could prevent aging and Romans used it in seals signifying ownership. In the middle ages medical practitioners used it in potions and cures.

Earrings specifications:
• Quartz hardness 7.
• Mint quartz cushion cut stones total 7.31 carat measuring approximately 10mm x 10mm.
• 64 Colourless white sapphire melee stones 0.26 carats total.
• 925 silver set.
• Cufflinks measurements as follows:
Front face bezel set cabochon with silver 15x15x7.45mm
Post 14x6x1.39mm
Toggle 15.95x3.44x4.46mm

Caring for your cufflinks:
Warm, soapy water is always a safe method for cleaning quartz. Cleaning with ultrasonic and steam cleaners should be avoided.
Silver may discolour if exposed to cleaning product, chlorinated water and other chemicals. Make sure you remove your jewelry before using harsh chemicals or swimming in the pool.

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