RARE Purple Mozambique Garnet rectangle cushion cut 1.56 carat gemstone


NEW RARE FIND from Mozambique Purple Garnet rectangle cushion cut 1.56 carat gemstone - Buy loose or Make your own custom jewelry.

Make your custom order with this beautiful gemstone!

This is a new find from Mozambique, purple garnet rectangle cushion cut gemstone, measuring approximately 7.76x5.90x3.86mm. Make your custom order with it in form of a ring, necklace, pendant, bracelet, brooch or what ever you desire.

Send me your idea and I can get you a quote. I use silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, black gold and platinum to create your custom jewelry.

Don't have an idea for a design? Just ask me to make you one free of charge!

I provide a layaway payment plan just ask me.

Stone specifications:
• Garnet - Purple Garnet - (Pyrope Almandine) Tests as Rhodolite
• Rectangle cushion cut.
• Color is purple.
• Measures approximately 7.76x5.90x3.86mm.
• Clarity: Included (one black inclusion and some other small ones).
• Source: Mozambique

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